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        About us

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        Koten Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacture of printing and packaging machineries in China. Especially focus on the finishing binding equipments to make notebooks,exercise books,or hardcover books, like Flexo.Ruling Machines, Exercise Book Making Line, Perfect Binding Machines, Book Sewing Machines, Saddle Stitching Machines, Paper Folding Machines,Three Knife Trimmer,etc.

        Koten Machinery Company pay high attention to the increased oversea customers’s different requirement from different countries, and help them to supply the right machines with steady quality, reasonable prices and excellent after sales service from China. And finish the all necessary equipments purchase to their factory usage or resell with satisfied.

        Koten Machinery company extends some different industry area,like graphic equipments, adhesive label machines,and plastic machines.etc. With the responsible for our customers, Koten Machinery combined some superior suppliers for different types machines. It is worth to mention that most of the factories have more than 15 years experience for their own products. Each machine will be tested and controlled strictly by the quality management staffs before shipment.

        “Koten” Brand machines has been proved with high quality by many countries customers, like Europ, Asia, South America Market,etc. and received high reputation from them. We are looking forward to your sincere cooperation and creat a flourish business relationship with each other! “Quality Makes Us More Excellent”
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